Blinds or chiks made from Bamboo or grass like sarkanda are cost effective, lighter and best suited for warmer climate as found in India. The blinds made from the indigenous material help to filter the sunlight inside a house while the cotton thread design made on the blind adds beauty to the room.

The bamboo or the stem of rigid grass sarkanda is spilt into tillis. The edges of tillis are smoothen by rubbing them on floor. Colorful cotton yarn is taken and kept in tension between pieces of bricks. Each tilli is kept in position and the yarn is interlaced between them. The chiks are then edged by a woven tape called nivar. Blinds can have a lining fabric at the back to stop more sunlight.

Intricate design and geometric patterns are made with the cotton yarn which make chiks look elegant.

Production clusters: Kichripur, Govindpuri

Products: Blinds

Tools: Knife, Thread, Bricks