The migrant artisans from state of Mysore in search of new markets and patrons brought this craft along with them to Delhi. Earlier sandalwood as base wood and ivory for inlay work was used but because of the ban on ivory and non-availability of sandalwood, artisans started to use rosewood, champa and other types of wood along with different colored wood, shells and acrylic for inlay work.

Wood inlay craft involves chipping away the surface of the  wood being used as base and chiseling intricate design and patterns. Design includes general scene from life, landscape, god, goddess, flora, fauna etc. The chiselled space is then filled with inlay material like different colored wood or plastics with help of a patti, mixture of adhesive and wood dust from the base wood. The surface of the base wood is then levelled, a thin layer of bee wax is applied to make the surface smooth and glossy and finally varnishing is done.

Production clusters: New Delhi

Products: Wall hangings, Boxes, Tables, Icons

: Chisel, Files, Blade, Woood scraper, Cutter, Light Hammer