A large number of potters migrated from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and

relocated to Delhi, where settlements like Prajapati Colony in Uttamnagar were set up for

them. Some settled in 
Kumbhar Basti in Hauz Rani and Govindpuri areas.


The black, red and yellow clay these potters work with comes from Rajasthan and Delhi.

The clay is cleaned, sieved and kneaded into a homogenous dough. Artifacts are then

made by throwing or coiling technique; large terracotta wares are made using the coiling

technique. Once the artifacts dry a bit, the surface is burnished with smooth stones, while

some times a mixture of
clay and water is applied to give a painted look. Finally all the

wares are baked in a kiln.

Production clusters: Prajapati Colony in Uttamnagar, Govindpuri, Kumbhar Basti in Hauz Rani

Products: Water Pot, Necked Pot, Planter, Cooking Utensil, Platters, Oil lamps, Idols,

Garden Pots, Tiles, Utensils, Pots, Jars, Lampshades.

Tools: Potter's Wheel, Electric Wheel, Turning Tool, Wooden Mallet, Needle, Wooden beater,

Thapi, Die, Comb, Clay peeler, Carving tool, Sponge, Thread