The low cost of the raw material and tools required, makes Papier-Mâché a popular craft to practice in many parts of India.  In Delhi, the artisans soak the paper and make it into pulp which is then beaten with stones, sticks etc and mixed with methi water and wheat flour to form a paste. This paste is used to create the desired designs or reliefs of the artifact while decorative items like mirrors are put in place and the artifact is left to dry. Color solution is applied to the artifact and again its left to dry. Finally a coat of lac is applied to give more strength and to ensure that the colours will remain for long in the artifact.

Production Clusters: Khumbhar ka Mohalla in Mehrauli

Products: Masks, Puppets, Sets, Boxes, Bowls, Glasses, Plates, Lampshades, Wall hangings, Wall decorations, Mirror frames.

Tools: Stone grinder, Wooden Stick, Needle, Pen nibs.