Naqqashi is the traditional engraving practiced on silver mostly by the muslim artisans. With the rising cost of silver, the artisans now use brass metal sheets, cut them into the desired shape, which is then rotated constantly and beaten with hammer to the required form. A wooden hammer is used where the metal is thin. The base and the body of the artifact is made separately and then joined together with soldering.

A mixture of lac and buroza -which is a gum made by mixiing rice, brick powdered and mustard oil, is filled into any empty space of the artifact. This mixture will prevent the artifact from collapsing under force when engraving is being done. The metal is kept hot so that engraving can be done easily by chiseling. The artifact is buffed to remove any scratches.

Production Clusters: Gali Dhobiyan Bazaar, Delhi Gate

Products: Ritual Vessel, Water Pots, Cooking Utensils, Plates, Glasses, Bowls, Hookah

Tools: Hammer, Chisels, Scissor, Wooden hammer, Stencil, Buffing machine